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AFY is a licensed recruitment agency which aims to solve the critical staffing issues faced by our clients, both large and small, particularly those located in remote areas.   Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful.


AFY provides a broad range of recruitment services for bilingual and trilingual talents, trained hospitality staff, solutions to help organisations achieve their visions and optimise performance and productivity. 



AFY works with clients around the world catering specifically to their property investment needs in the Japanese market. ​We are committed to providing honest and professional consulting services and as a result deliver excellent overall performance.

AFY enjoys forming strong partnership networks with the locals and is proud of our growing partner and client portfolio within Japan as well as around the Asia Pacific region.  Whether you are looking for a ski/summer holiday home or an investment property/land where you can build your dream house, contact us today to find out our services. 


AFY has extensive experience and knowledge in the development and hotel management industries.  Over many years,  the team has been involved in development projects, building maintenance roles, real estate sales and condominium management in the greater Niseko area delivering excellent results to our clients.

AFY is a one-stop-shop and offers a variety of services customised to fit your specific needs.  Learn more about the ideas or improvements we can help you achieve by contacting us.

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AFY was founded with a single mission: to focus on our client needs, therefore, all for you!  We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customised and unique strategies. 


AFY offers executive and seasonal recruiting solutions, project management consultancy, and property investment insight to a largely foreign capital clientele in Japan and across the world. We are multi-lingual and manifest diversity in culture; We care for each of our clients and partners and it echoes well.  Our client-centric approach nurtures genuine relationships, based on shared values. Therefore, our client comes first―always. We fashion a personalized strategy for each customer. Ensembling a unique and bespoke professional response.

AFY CEO – Ms. Yi-Mei Lee was born in Taiwan and raised in New Zealand. She inherited a beautiful blend of both cultures that better understand Eastern and Western practices.  Her experiences in the Japanese corporate sector span over 15 years. She began her professional career at the Yamanashi prefecture office followed by many others. Ms. Yi-Mei garnered immense expertise and knowledge as she ascended to senior managerial posts across an array of industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, human resource, real estate, and construction. She planned various projects and events, assisted clients in flawless executions, and together delivered excellence with some of the most renowned professionals.  Thus such unique exposures and versatile experiences empower us to better serve our valuable clients and candidates across Asia.


Ms. Yi-Mei, being a tri-lingual professional, understands the significance of superior communication skills. Correct passage of information between two parties with different cultures and values is the harbinger to a successful enterprise.  Hands-on experiences in the field render Ms. Yi-Mei the aptest professional to assist the client's business to succeed.  8 years long experience at a remote resort polished her skills in training and managing bilingual staff.  Based on her passion for working with people from around the world, one of AFY’s goals is to support the staff shortage in remote areas in Japan and ultimately, be the bridge between Japan and foreign countries.


Each new project gifts an opportunity for us to raise the bar even higher as we steadily aim for superior standards of service.

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